Posted on 7 May, 2015

Poppit Math teach simple math problem in a cool way


Mathematics is perhaps the most difficult subject anyone of us has encountered. Most of us have a nightmarish experience in math since our primary years in school and we usually seek help in order for us to pass our math subject. Furthermore, math professors and teachers conduct tutorial classes requiring students to pay a few extra bucks for their services. Parents also employ establishing habits together with their kids so that they will be able to guide them in learning their math lesson.


However, not all methods of teaching math are effective or have made a significant improvement in the math skills of a student. Today, there is a struggle in the search for a new method that will be able to teach kids some skills in solving math problems and one that gives them an enjoyable experience and makes them love math instead of fearing it.


An application for mathematical addition


Today, with the dawn of iPhones, Samsung and other iOS and android devices, applications with educational purposes and one of these application is the Poppit Math. This application is totally dedicated for mathematical lessons only and kids will definitely enjoy the lessons that they’d be learning with the use of poppit. Basically, the poppit math application is a game based addition app. As you initialized the game, you will see balloons with numbers flying on the screen in different colors as well. On the lower left corner of your screen, you would see the turns that you have, you can also see the time as well and the total of the numbers of the balloons that were already popped.


On the upper left corner, your total scores will be reflected. Overall, all of the details on the left corner of your screen have something to do about the player’s action like his turns, scores, the time he has to work with and the overall total of the balloons that were already popped. On the right side of your screen you will notice a round display which reflects a number with which the players need to arrive at by adding the value of the balloons that he’s going to pop. Each time the player add the correct number that is being asked, a new value is reflected on this area which the player will have to work with next.


With the details and presentation of the application, kids will certainly enjoy studying math with poppit math. Although, seeing the colorful balloons floating around the screen may actually distract the kid from focusing on what needs to be done but once he is able to understand the purpose of the application. Now with poppit, kids will beg for moms and dads to allow them to play and learn math at the same time.


Overall, the usefulness of this application may not be realized as soon as possible but when the kids are able to get used with the colorful interface of the application, they will then be able to focus on the mathematical essence of the application. Once kids are able to get familiar and acquainted with poppit, they will have a fun time learning addition and other mathematical solutions.

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