How to Teach Math to Your Preschooler

Posted on 17 June, 2015

Mother who stays at home with their kids has a great responsibility placed on their hands. They just don’t keep the house clean and take care of the kids but they also have to teach them the ways of life and all the simple lessons that kids need to learn. Teaching kids the basic knowledge that they should have is really difficult and for mothers to take that task, they must have a little help that can assured them that they are doing what is right.


Here are some tips and techniques on how to teach kids math skills with the use of things that are found within the home.


  • At the kitchen – kids loves to help their moms in cooking, baking and other things and this is the best opportunity for moms to teach kids about simple math. They could tell them what the ingredients are and the measurement thereof and allowing them further to do the measuring of the ingredients will be fun for them. It may be messy but you are assured that they will learn a valuable mathematical lesson.
  • Searching and identifying shapes – in your free time, makes some shapes on a paper and have your kids cut it out with you, be sure to guide them on how to do it and when it is done ask them to group all pieces of the same shapes and count how many are they.
  • Counting – find an item which you can use as a tool for your kids to count. First teach them how to count and then allow them to do it themselves. Each day try a new material for this activity for it to become interesting.

Once you have applied these three simple tips or techniques in teach your preschool kid about math, you will discover that they will learn faster. This due to the fun that is associated with the learning. A proof that once kids enjoys that they are studying about, they are more likely to learn from it than otherwise.

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