Test Taking Skills

Posted on 17 June, 2015

When employing poppit math application as a method of learning math, the best way to evaluate what the kids have learned through the application is by conducting a test. When kids are being evaluated with what they have learned at school through a test, there is no logical explanation whether a specific method of teaching is really effective or not. However, with the poppit math as your method of teaching math, evaluating kids through an exam can yield a significant result in seeing whether poppit math application is effective or not.

Tips in taking exams

When taking an exam, it really does not matter whether if you have been tutored or just used the poppit application to learn math but when you don’t have these within you in preparing for a test, you will obviously have a difficult time answering your exams especially with math.

  • Don’t stay up all night studying before the exam – be ready to take the exam as soon as possible. Don’t risk your mind to be tired because during the exam you will certainly blackout or you’ll be unable to focus.
  • Avoid activities that might make you sick – there a lot of things that can jeopardize your health and being aware of those things can keep you in good shape.
  • Eat right – eating right days before your exam is crucial. Getting the best nutrition can deliberately make you for focus on the task at hand and you will be able to function more effectively.
  • Balance rest and physical activity – exercise regularly and also get enough, proper sleep. Having a rested body during an exam makes you more confident and relaxed.
  • Check you calculator – be sure that it is functioning well and if you need to change the batteries, you better change it days before the exam.
  • Never spend too much time on one question – just take not of your unanswered questions and got back with it once you’re done with the easy ones. Usually, exam questions are juggled altogether so you might find easier questions as you move forward.
  • Use correct formulas – formulas are given to you for you to use. It is best that you get familiarized with it so that you’ll not get confused with others.
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